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Thursday, February 11, 2016


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Imagine if you could have the world's healthiest natural
spring in your own home...

 "Good water is essential for good health. For 10 years I searched the globe for a water filter that worked for myself, my family and to recommend to my TFT graduates and clients to help eliminate dangerous toxins from the body.

When I came across The Wellness  range I was very skeptical. However, since using the Wellness filter I have felt a significant improvement in my physical well being. Every family should have one. Wellness Filters are fantastic! 

E. Piccinotti TFTdx
Thought Field Therapy - Australia

 Welcome to Wellness®

If you are looking for a new water filter for your home or business, or just a replacement filter cartridge now is the perfect time to consider upgrading to a revolutionary new type of water filtration technology.

 "We have seen virtually everything ever offered in the way of water purification. The Wellness Filter is in a class by itself and offers qualities and benefits that are outside the reach of conventional water filters..”

J.Douglas - Paragon Water

Its time to discover a filter that does more than just purify water...

Much more than a filter

Wellness is highly sought after around the world due to the amazing health and other benefits experienced by people who drink out water and then tell their family and friends they have to try Wellness water for themselves.

In fact, these enthusiastic endorsements have led to over 80% of our sales coming from word of mouth recommendations alone.

 "We think anyone who is fighting a health condition or who is seeking the maximum preventative healthcare should own of these amazing systems."

B. Clement - Hippocrates Health - USA

So what makes our water so much healthier than water from other types of filters?

Water by Nature

Our research team spent over twenty years researching the water quality and health of people living near certain mountain springs around the world that were known for their unusual health giving properties.




 "[Wellness] filtered water showed 2.22 times more dissolved oil than tap water, has lower internal surface tension and acts as a surfactant… This quality of water is excellent and is like natural spring water." 

Mr K. Matsushita - Chief Scientist
Water Institute for Life and Natural Science - Japan


This research not only led to a better understanding of how nature produces some of the healthiest drinking water on the planet, but it also enabled us to create an entirely new kind of water filtration technology.

 "One of the most important elements of good health is drinking sufficient quantities of pure, chlorine free water.  The Wellness Filter adds a different aspect of vitality to the water that has not been seen before. Anyone who is serious about good health or is recovering from a health crisis should have one."

Dr L Smith - USA

Wellness combines high performance filtration with a unique, volcanic mineral 'energising' process specifically designed to replicate a natural mountain spring.

This unique process transforms tap water into a great tasting, healthier, naturally energised water that is more hydrating than water produced by standard water filters, reverse osmosis systems, distillers, electrical ionizers and even high quality bottled spring sources.

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